Online Small Groups
Common Questions

What are online small groups?

  • An Online Small Group is a virtual gathering of 6-10 people using the app ZOOM.
  • The goal of the group is to build a safe, stretching, and spiritual atmosphere where people can connect with each other and grow together.

How do I sign up?

  • Simply click here to sign up for an online small group.

What is Zoom?

  • Zoom is digital platform that allows groups of people to connect through video chat.
  • Zoom is compatible with all computers, phones, and tablets. You can download the app in your phone’s app store or access online at

How do I use Zoom?

  • You will create an account online or through the zoom app.  More information on how to use Zoom can be found online at under resources.
  • Your group leader will send you an email invite to join the gathering. Once you click the link provided in the invite it will lead you directly into the gathering.

How often will online groups meet?

  • Online small groups will meet for 40 mins once a week through the month of April.

What content will the small groups use?

Who do I contact if I have more questions?