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Closing Date: December 7, 2018

CLC Associate Director
Cottonwood Leadership College


Work schedule: Monday – Friday (exact hours TBD)
Some regular evening shifts and some weekends will be required. 
Reporting to: Garrett Sederholm

Job Summary:

Working with the oversight of the CLC Executive Director, the CLC Associate Director oversees the overall operations and development of various departments within CLC. This includes operations, academics, business development, student life and marketing for CLC. This position assumes the responsibility of applying vision for the college that is congruent with the vision of Cottonwood Church.

This role is both pastoral and academic in nature and will require that a person be able to manage, care for, and develop a team and teach/disciple students of various generations. This person must be passionate about CLC, discipleship, developing leaders for the local church and helping people get enrolled at CLC for the purpose of doing what they are called to do in ministry.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

In coordination with CLC Executive Director:

Oversee Program, Instructor, and Curriculum Development

    • Development of overall student life, academics, and general college programs that are congruent with the culture of Cottonwood Church.

Oversee Business Development/Budget, Operations and Marketing Departments

    • This involves overseeing a team of people that operate in each department.

Teach CLC Courses and engage in discipling/mentoring relationships with students as needed.

Job Skills & Requirements

      • Not a novice; have a strong, growing walk with the Lord, evidenced by a deep love for Jesus Christ and others.
      • Has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and preferably some graduate level education.
      • An attitude of being faithful, available, and teachable.
      • A person of prayer and discernment (very necessary when working with the alumni and students).
      • A person of integrity.
      • Is able to teach.
      • Ability to “trouble shoot” and solve problems quickly and effectively.
      • 2-3 years supervisory training/experience preferred.
      • 2-3 years academic experience preferred.
      • 4-5 years of active involvement in ministry in the local church.

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