Our Mission

Cottonwood’s mission to do good and bring hope to our local communities is carried out through a variety of efforts including Hope Teams and Hope Initiatives.

Hope teams

Volunteer led, cause-focused groups of individuals who work together to serve the practical and spiritual needs of people near and abroad. These teams serve a variety of causes in partnership with local and global partners. Teams gather regularly to meet the needs of the lost and hurting outside the four walls of the church.

hope initiatives

In select months throughout the year, the Hope Department organizes initiatives to serve particular causes in our community. These are short term efforts to provide serving opportunities for Cottonwood members looking to serve the local community.
To learn more, please attend our information meeting, which will be held on
Tuesday,November 14th at 6:30 p.m.



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Kids and Youth

  1. MALENA: Host art projects for female foster youth living in a group home.
  2. CRITTENTON: Facilitate online bible study for Spanish-speaking unaccompanied minors living in group homes.
  3. CASA: Provide one-on-one court-appointed mentorship to foster kids and youth.
  4. S.I.: Host special events for survivors of commercial sex trafficking.
  5. COTTAGES: Host fun activities for siblings living together in foster care.
  6. THPP: Host fun activities for foster youth transitioning into independent living.
  7. LCH: Serving children and youth living in orphanages in Myanmar.
  8. PATH: Serving children and youth living in group homes in Uganda.
  9. ASHDOD: Serving to disciple youth and young adults in Israel.
  10. SHINE: Partner with local churches to disciple girls and young women in Egypt.

Unhoused & Vulnerable Adults

  1. LBRM MEALS: Serving dinner at the Long Beach Rescue Mission.
  2. LA LUNCH: Providing lunch and essential items to the unhoused in downtown LA.
  3. KNIT TOGETHER: Providing handmade items for veterans and unhoused individuals.
  4. AVAG: Serving veterans, and supporting low-income families and seniors.
  5. JAIL MAIL: Providing discipleship materials to Orange County jail inmates.
  6. EDGEWATER: Visiting individuals living in a skilled nursing facility.


  1. FAM: Provide encouragement and help to women and children living in temporary housing.
  2. CASA TERESA: Pray for women living in temporary housing.
  3. WIDOW CARE: Providing support to widows living in Nepal.
  4. RESTORE: Provide support and care packages to victims of commercial sex trafficking.

Ministry and Prayer

  1. CITY PRAYER: Praying for individuals on the streets of Long Beach and Huntington Beach.
  2. COTTONWOOD RUNNERS: Fellowship and fundraising to support local community outreach efforts.
  3. REACH: Serving at outreach crusades in the Philippines.
  4. IGLESIAS MX: Supporting churches providing ministry to children in Mexico.