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H4 2018 Highlights

Otino Waa vilages' impact by H4

Otino Waa Orphanage 

Since 2003, Otino Waa has been working diligently in Northern Uganda to rescue and rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children. With over 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, extreme poverty, AIDS, and other diseases are just a few of the challenges they face. Otino Waa believes that through the redemptive power of Christ, children with tragic pasts can be healed and empowered to become the next generation of compassionate, capable leaders in Uganda.

In 2018, Otino Waa expanded their programs to include “Community Based Care,” with the goal of reaching exponentially more children in the surrounding villages. These children may have a living parent, or an extended family member willing to care for them, but they lack resources to meet basic needs. Otino Waa has come alongside these families by sponsoring the children to attend Otino Waa’s primary and secondary schools (ranked #1 in the district) and providing clothing, medical care, and nutritional aid.

Cottonwood Hubs

In 2013, Cottonwood began sending out teams to the Carmelitos housing units in North Long Beach. Our goal was to build meaningful, long-term relationships with the residents in this community in hopes of eventually sharing Christ. At first, the residents seemed suspicious of our motives but soon opened up to us as we demonstrated faithfulness and helped meet some of their basic needs: groceries and home repairs.

As we continued to visit with these residents, we noticed two things. Families and individuals started attending our church services and some even became committed members. Others who did not have transportation to Cottonwood expressed a strong desire to have Bible studies in their homes.

Carmelitos families' impact by H4
1 thess 1:8 (NLT)

Russian-speaking peoples' impact by H4

Russian TV Broadcast

Under Soviet rule, the sound of atheism rang loudly in Russia while the gospel was muted for more than seventy years. The iron curtain that suppressed the message of Christ was finally pulled back in the early 1990s and, since then, many have been born again. However, Protestant Christianity is fairly young in Russia, and the people desperately need sound Bible teaching, which is not readily available.

This year, we felt led to respond to this need by producing our Answers with Bayless Conley television program in the Russian language. We have a unique opportunity to broadcast on a Russian-language network with expansive satellite and cable coverage, with the potential to reach more than 100 million people throughout Russia, the former Soviet Republics including Ukraine and Siberia, and into Israel, where Russian-speaking immigrants make up 20% of the population.

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