My name is Pamela Fernandez and I serve in the Kids Ministry. I still remember the first time I came to Cottonwood at the age of seven. When I arrived, I met Pastor Joe and I knew right away that I was in a safe place.

I grew up in a difficult family environment. My dad was an alcoholic and my mother worked two jobs to keep us afloat. There was constant tension in my home so I looked forward to coming to church every week. Kids Ministry became my lifeline.

When I turned 11, I signed up to serve in the Kids Ministry to do for others what Pastor Joe did for me—accept me for who I was and lead me to Jesus. Little did I know that God had more in store for me. Seven years later, while serving in Kids, I met Chris who eventually became my husband. Today, we have the great honor of leading the Kids Ministry together.

Every week we teach more than 1,100 children to follow Jesus and I am just one example of what God can do in the life of a young child. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with H4 this year.

Your giving will continue to resource the Kids Ministry here at Cottonwood and build out additional classrooms that are much needed on the second floor.


A new school year began last month and for most of us, it’s a familiar routine. But for many families in Long Beach, it can be a stressful season—having to choose between buying school supplies and uniforms, getting kids immunized, or paying the bills.

Eight years ago, the City of Long Beach saw the need and responded by launching an annual event to resource these families. Since then it’s become a tradition in the community. Every year, Long Beach hosts a “Back Pack Giveaway” event to help kids begin their school year. Along with free back packs and school supplies, kids receive free vision and hearing tests.

Your giving to H4 will help Cottonwood sponsor this community event next year. Our volunteers will distribute and give away school supplies, letting local families and kids know that God sees them and cares about their daily needs.


In partnership with Compassion International, Cottonwood will help plant a new church in the Chupaca District of Peru. This small community of approximately 5,000 residents is one of the poorest in the area. Basic services, such as water, sewage, and electricity, are lacking. Alcoholism is one of the leading causes for broken families, leaving children to fend for themselves.

Your H4 giving will help design, build, and equip a new church facility and launch a brand new Child Development Center in that region. The church will consist of a sanctuary that seats 200 adults, three classrooms, a kitchen, restrooms, an administrative office, and will have access to electricity and water.

Through the church and its program, more than 150 new children will receive much needed help to grow spiritually, physically, socially, and academically. With your help, a local church will be planted in Peru and children will be freed from poverty (spiritually and physically) in Jesus’ name!

We will tell our children
the great marvels of our God

-Psalm 78:3-4 TPT


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