What is the goal of Growth Track?
Growth Track is designed to equip people to take the next steps on their faith journey, connect them to church community, and discover their purpose to make a difference.

Who is Growth Track for?
Anyone who is 12 years old or older is encouraged to join.

When and where does Growth Track occur?
We meet four consecutive weekends starting with step one on the first weekend of the month in the Chapel. We do not meet on 5th Sundays or Saturdays.

Do I have to start with step one and attend all four in a row?
No, you do not need to start with step one or take them in a row. We simply encourage everyone to take the next step in his or her faith walk with the goal to eventually complete all four steps. You are welcome to start at anytime during the first three steps.

Is translation available?
Spanish translation is available at all 9am sessions. ASL translation is available upon request.

How do I sign up?

How do I serve on a Cottonwood team?
Your first steps is completing Growth Track! During step four we show you how and where to fill out your Serving Interest form, as well as provide a Team Mingle. During the Team Mingle our ministry leaders join us so you can have one-on-one conversations with them!

Am I required to attend Growth Track if I am currently serving?
Those who are serving on a team do not need to attend in order to continue serving. Although, we encourage all of our existing team members to join. We also encourage them to invite others along. We want everyone who calls Cottonwood home to join the journey and grow together!