Our purpose is to love and serve others in our local and global communities.

We do this by working with our church members, local agencies, and international partners, to help meet needs, build strong friendships, and encourage those who are struggling. We believe that as individuals recognize that Cottonwood cares, they’ll be stirred to know that God cares.

Global Outreach

Have an international impact: go on a missions trip.


May 20 – 26

Open to All


Otino Waa Children’s Village in northern Uganda.
Sustainability projects, clean water springs, sport camps, skill workshops and more.
Cost: $3400


Nov 24 – Dec 5

Open to All

Otino Waa Children’s Village in northern Uganda.
Experience the celebration of Christmas holiday season with the kids and be a part of lots of different projects in and around the village.
Cost: $3250


August 10 – 20


Cost: $2900


Dec 17 – 27

Open to All

Take part in an annual Christmas outreach to thousands who will come to hear the Christmas story, receive a meal and be blessed. Spend the holidays with the kids at Love Children’s Home and local Bible school students.
Cost: $2900


July 17 – 27

Open to All

Evangelistic Crusades for adults and children working with local churches. Extremely fruitful ministry. You will see God move like never before. Three trips are available in June, July and August.
Cost: $3150


May 10 – 20


Annual Women’s Conference in northern India/Nepal.
Teaching at a Women’s Conference encouraging and empowering women across the Himalayan region to rise up and be who Christ created them to be.
Cost: $2600


June 20 -30


Aug 1 – 10


Teach business skills and principles to young leaders within the India and Nepal region. Make connections and see how God is working to shift the mindset of a new generation of Kingdom builders through business. Also be a part of the annual Mens Conference speaking into the lives of men.
Cost: $2450


July 23 – 30

Open to All

Orphanage project.
Work with a local church and orphanage to build, serve and evangelize.
Cost: $1350


Dec 7 – 9

Open to All

Work with local churches during services and outreach.
Cost: $200


Feb 19 – 26

Cost: $2650


June 20 – 30

Open To All

Children’s and various ministries.
Work with local leaders through workshops and training seminars.
Cost: $2650


March 10 – 21
Sept 10 – 20
Nov 5 – 16

Open To All

Practical service project. Renovate bomb shelters as a unique form of outreach and aid to a country and people that have a special place in God’s heart and get to see many important places in the Holy Land as a bonus.
Cost: $3450

Join us around the world by filling out an application.

China (Youth/Young Adults)

Build relationships with future leaders from China’s top high schools. Help run English camps through sports and team-building activities. Climb the Great Wall. Let your heart be changed forever.

Date: July 15- July 30
Cost: $2400


China (Internship)

3-12 Month Program. Hands-on involvement with children, youth and college-age students with our long-term contact in country. Work includes teaching English, summer camps, discipleship, marketing, sports, media, writing curriculum and work with the poor. (Chinese language not required).

Date: Various
Cost: $800 per month + airfare and insurance.



open to all

Children’s and youth outreach through vacation Bible school, sport camps, aid relief and an orphanage project. Also, teaching in the local Bible school.

Eurotrek (Young Adults/Youth)

Travel across Europe by train, boat, bus and car. Raw, face to face evangelism, connect with partner churches for ministry. Pass out tracts and information for the Answers broadcast. Graduating Seniors accepted.
Date: July 20-30
Cost: $2950

France (Open To All)


Encourage and assist Gypsy believers in practical ways; education, business, relationships. Travel, help set up and conduct evangelistic crusades. Be a Gypsy for 10 days.
Date: Aug 1- Aug 10
Cost: $2450

Lebanon (Open To All)

Children’s and various ministries.

Work with a local church in Beirut doing various outreaches which include kids ministry, medical clinics, leadership training, evangelism, refugee and compassion ministry.

Date: Mar 13- Mar 22
Cost: $2750

Local Outreach

Get involved weekly, biweekly, or monthly, in our local communities.

Anchored is a faith-based outreach and support system for women in the sex industry.  We exist to show women in the industry just how much the God of the universe loves them.  We do this through non-judgmental love, speech, and actions.  Everything we do is anchored in love, hope, and grace.

Tangibly, we carry out our mission by visiting strip clubs in Orange County and Los Angeles County once a month.  During each visit, we deliver gift bags that have a gift and an encouraging note inside. We also offer a free, weekly therapist-led support group that is available to any woman who is interested.

If you are interested in loving and serving women in the sex industry, please contact: Arianna Rodriguez at Anchored@cottonwood.org.

To participate in this outreach you must complete a Volunteer Application.

We hold church services for patients in local convalescent hospitals, helping the residents to feel loved and cared for. We have teams going out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Contact: Larry Long at assistedliving@cottonwood.org.

To participate in this outreach you must complete a Volunteer Application.

Our objective is to connect and to serve the surrounding communities. We go door to door in small teams sharing the love of God in practical ways. We do this by: visiting the residents, offering to clean their yards, helping with the chores, prayer, and providing and delivering groceries through Grateful Hearts.

 We meet on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month in Building B from 9:00am-12:30pm. Note: shuttle leaves promptly at 9:30am.

Contact: Adline Andrews at Calmelitos@cottonwood.org.

Interested in joining this outreach? Complete the Camelitos Interest Form.

Crittenton Outreach – Cottonwood has a team of women (18 or older) who volunteer on the first Monday evening of each month at Crittenton’s residential treatment home for at-risk teenage girls in Fullerton.  As part of their recreation department, we spend time each month with the girls engaging in a variety of activities such as, crafts, cooking, and games.  We are there to love the girls, to encourage them, to pray for them, and to be the hands and feet Jesus. Opportunities to be a one-on-one mentor for a girl also exists.

If you are interested in joining this community please contact us:

Contact: Maria Holm at Crittenton@cottonwood.org.

Our mission is to provide support and community to foster and adoptive families at Cottonwood who are journeying through life with children who have come from hard places.  We strive to provide these families with the tools they need to help their children heal and become all that God desires them to be.  The foster care system is always in need of safe and loving homes, and we believe the church can be a part of the solution to this ongoing crisis.  Therefore we strive to recruit and come along side families at Cottonwood who are ready to open their homes and their hearts to these precious children. In addition, we also participate in local outreach opportunities designed to bless children in foster care.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, or are interested in becoming a foster family, please contact us:

Contact: Rachel King at Foster-Adoption@cottonwood.org.

Commits to take an active community based approach to environmentental stewardship of God’s creation through service, education, and sustainable practices. The Green Team believes that God entrusted all of creation to our safekeeping and that we are therefore called to be responsible stewards of God’s beloved earth. As caretakers of God’s creation, the Green Team inspires the community to come together to sustain a healthy environment for all people and generations to come and to recognize the beauty of God’s work.

Contact: Aimee Arvidson at Greenteam@cottonwood.org.

Interested in joining this outreach? Complete the Green Team Interest Form.

Our heart is to assist vulnerable, hurting or broken women, including those who have been abused physically, sexually or emotionally. We focus on prevention, rescue, and restoration. Our goal is to help women + girls realize their full potential, beauty, and the importance of being respected for the treasures they truly are. There is hope.

Contact: Bill & Wendy Carpio at humantrafficking@cottonwood.org.

Bible Correspondence Course:
Help mail out and correct a Bible Correspondence Course called “Narrow Way Bible Study.” This helps inmates grow in their walk with God.

Bible Correspondence Course en español:
Provide our Spanish speaking inmates with same opportunity to go through the “Narrow Way Bible Study” course by mailing out and correcting their papers.

Curso Bíblico por Correspondencia:
Ayuda a corregir y enviar por correo los estudios de un Curso Bíblico por Correspondencia llamdo “El Camino Estrecho.” Este curso está diseñado a ayudar a los presos a crecer en su caminar can Dios.

Church Services with Worship and Gospel Message:
Collaborate with a Christian organization, the “Gleaners,” that works with jails and oversees many different churches to provide one hour church services to inmates. Inmates join a community of faith that helps them in their daily lives.

Contact (contacto): Craig Fry at Jails@cottonwood.org.

To participate in this outreach you must complete a Volunteer Application.

Sharing the love of God out on the streets through conversation and prayer in the cities of Long Beach and Huntington Beach.

We meet the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 7:30 pm at the open-air plaza in front of the main church building.   We return back to church 10:30 pm.

Contact: James Temidara at Satnightoutreach@cottonwood.org.

Interested in joining this outreach? Complete the Saturday Night Outreach Interest Form.

Partnered Outreach

Be part of Cottonwood’s collaborative outreach efforts to serve the local community.

Anchor of Hope exist to encourage and assist the formerly incarcerated to successfully reconcile back to church, family, community, corporate, public and private life. To offer a system of support to the formerly incarcerated so they will never again return to any type of correctional institution. This ministry is based in Downtown Los Angeles.

Contact: Jean Franklin at info@aohministry.org, (323)432-3976, or Google Voice (323)509-4897.

Did you know that 95% of apartment residents are unchurched? As a CARES Team we are committed to making Christ known by loving our neighbors in our apartment community! We host 3 CARES events per month to create a space for ALL residents to have fun and build relationship with one another. Loving our neighbor is what Jesus is all about and CARES provides an incredible opportunity to live that out! We are looking for volunteers who are passionate to see lives transformed through acts of love and compassion. We know as you join this work, you’ll be transformed too. Please email us for more information on how you can connect to what God is doing at Pine Meadows!

Contact: Aizaiah & Neddy Yong at pinemeadows@caresprogram.org.

We work with Sunburst Youth Challenge Academy to match cadets with caring and responsible volunteer mentors. The mission of Sunburst is to intervene and reclaim the lives of 16 to 18 year old high school drop outs; to produce program graduates with the values, life skills, education & self discipline to succeed as productive citizens.

Contact: Brenda Couch at sunburstmentor@cottonwood.org.

To participate in this outreach you must complete a Volunteer Application.

Disaster Relief: Give or Go

It isn’t too late to help those recovering from the devastation of the recent natural disasters. Join Cottonwood’s relief efforts.