Here is what we are doing together to help our community

You can help in these three simple ways: Pray, Give, Serve.

Homepage IconsFirst Responders

First Responders

We are sending thank-you cards and Starbucks gift cards to medical personnel, law enforcement, and firefighters.

Homepage IconsPolice

Police Officers

We are providing Chick-Fil-A meals to our local police stations.

Homepage IconsGrateful Hearts

Families in Need

We are supporting Grateful Hearts, which is providing food and basic supplies to approximately 1,000 people and 150 veterans per week.

Homepage IconsBusiness

Business Leaders

Work Life is continuing its mission of providing coaching and resources to working people and business leaders to help them navigate through this season. CLICK HERE for more info.

Homepage IconsSeniors

Seniors in Our Community

We are writing hand-written cards to more than 2,000 seniors in convalescent homes to encourage them.

Homepage IconsChurches

Other Churches

Our Leadership Team is providing guidance to other churches to help them navigate through this season.

Homepage IconsGlobal

Global Partners

Funds have been disbursed to Russia, Uganda, India, and Egypt to feed families in need during the month of April.