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H4 Update

Dear Cottonwood Family,

Our H4 theme this year is simply called, “A Home for the Harvest.” We’ll be both inward and outward focused, thus concentrating on our HOME and the HARVEST.

Psalm 86:9 says, “All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.” Through H4, let’s build a HOME where the nations can come together in worship.

Our giving weekend is October 28 & 29 and our target is $1.5M. Let’s rally around our three initiatives—Expansion, Planting, and TV & Translations—and give generously for an abundant HARVEST!

Pastor Bayless and Janet Conley


Three Initiatives

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Construction in the Building B multi-purpose rooms will begin in a few months. By the end of 2018, various ministries of Cottonwood—Spanish Service, Cottonwood Leadership College, and others—will proclaim the gospel and raise up leaders from this space. Part of the H4 funds will be used to purchase and install state-of-the-art A/V and lighting equipment for these rooms.

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Cottonwood will partner with two pastors – Jason Laird (Sozo Church) and Justin Reimer (Vivid Church) to plant churches where the voice of God is desperately needed. Sozo will be based out of San Francisco and Vivid in Vancouver, Canada. Both pastors are dear friends of Cottonwood and possess a “Kingdom First” mindset. Let’s partner with them and generously give to what God is doing in these cities. With our help, these church plants will bring the hope of Jesus, and will strengthen and unify these communities.

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TV & Translations

The nation of India has more than 1.26 BILLION people. The United States holds 25% of that population in three times the land mass. Think about the many souls who need to know the Savior. The vast majority believe in Hinduism and Islam and an estimated 2% are Christians.

Many languages are spoken in India, so it’s no surprise that they have 22 official languages. English is an official secondary language spoken by more than 265 million. The primary language is Hindi (41%) and another official language is Tamil (6%).

Under the current government, it is illegal to evangelize. But through H4, we have a unique opportunity to air our Answers with Bayless Conley television program on networks across India in those three key languages—English, Hindi, and Tamil!

Also, in partnership with the Seed Company, H4 will help complete the translation of the entire New Testament into the “Rowba” language (a pseudonym) spoken by a highly persecuted people group in India. There are four books left to be translated—Colossians, James, 2 Peter, and The Book of Revelation. Let’s help bring this project to completion so these precious people can have the Gospel in their native tongue.


Join us this H4 season as we give generously for A Home for the Harvest!

H4 giving chart
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