Discussion Guide


  • What stood out to you from this week’s teaching?



  • Timothy 3:16-17
  • Mark 4:1-12



  • The Word of God is alive and equips us. Pastor Robert listed a few items that The Word of God does…salvation to our hearts, healing, hope, comfort, peace, wisdom etc. How have you experienced the power of God’s Word in your own life?


  • The Word of God is the source of so much goodness. How are you tempted to overlook it? In other words, what challenge do you face when it comes to reading and meditating on scripture?


  • Pastor Bayless said, “Those who accept The Word and guard it will see a harvest.” When you hear this phrase, what does this mean to you?


  • God’s word has final authority in our life, how do you allow His Word to lead you?


  • When we study The Parable of the Sower we are told that our heart is the soil where the seed of God’s Word is planted. How do you prepare your heart? Is there an area that you feel God is asking you to better prepare the soil of your heart?


  • What harvest have you experienced in your life when you accept and guard the Word of God?



  • Pray for the Word of God to take root in the heart of his people.