Discussion Guide


  • What stood out to you from this week’s teaching?



  • Genesis 15:10-21
  • Mark 4:1-7
  • Acts 2:42-47



  • In the story of Abraham, we see a long time pass (25 years) before God’s promise came to fruition. How does this story help you understand the concept of exercising your “faith in patience”?
  • Has seeing how God helped Abraham in the midst of his imperfect faith encouraged you?
  • The anointing (or filling) of the Holy Spirit is both biblical, available, and begins with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. How does understanding that The Holy Spirit is always available empower you to fight battles of persecution?
  • “The Holy Spirit is not just for our protection, he’s for our purpose” – How can you engage with the Holy Spirit to step out in your faith and live out your purpose?
  • The Holy Spirit works corporately together in prayer with others. God has called us into community and fellowship. In the book of Acts we see that The Holy Spirit moved in power through the church. In the midst of our disagreements and differences, how can we individually take a step toward unity together for God’s glory? Are the words we use stirring unity or divisiveness?
  • Are you taking the steps (praise, prayer, reading the word, community) to enable the Power of The Holy Spirit? Are your habits causing you to compromise your faith or grow your faith?



  • Pray that the power and infilling of the Holy Spirit will fall upon individuals