Missions are one of the ways Cottonwood meets its goal of “bringing a living Jesus to a dying world.” Our teams are committed to putting the Gospel in work clothes and provide support to churches, orphanages, and people groups across the globe.

Upcoming Missions Trips

Uganda – Summer (Open to all)

Otino Waa Children’s Village in northern Uganda.

Sustainability projects, clean water springs, sport camps, skill workshops and more.

Date: Aug 1- Aug 12
Cost: $3400
Team Leader: TBD

Uganda – Winter (Open to all)

Otino Waa Children Village in northern Uganda.

Experience the celebration of Christmas holiday season with the kids and be a part of lots of different projects in and around the village.

Date: Nov 25-Dec 6
Cost: $3250
Team Leaders: TBD

China (Youth/Young Adults)

Build relationships with future leaders from China’s top high schools. Help run English camps through sports and team-building activities. Climb the Great Wall. Let your heart be changed forever.

Date: July 15- July 30
Cost: $2400
Team Leader: TBD

China (Internship)

3-12 Month Program. Hands-on involvement with children, youth and college-age students with our long-term contact in country. Work includes teaching English, summer camps, discipleship, marketing, sports, media, writing curriculum and work with the poor. (Chinese language not required).

Date: Various
Cost: $800 per month + airfare and insurance.

Myanmar (Open to all)

Children’s and youth outreach through vacation Bible school, sport camps, aid relief and an orphanage project. Also, teaching in the local Bible school.

Date: Aug 2- Aug 13
Cost: $2900
Team Leader: TBD

Myanmar – Christmas (Open to all)

Take part in an annual Christmas outreach to thousands who will come to hear the Christmas story, receive a meal and be blessed. Spend the holidays with the kids at Love Children’s Home and local Bible school students.

Date: Dec 16-Dec 27
Cost: $2900
Team Leader: TBD

Philippines (Open to all)

Evangelistic Crusades for adults and children working with local churches. Extremely fruitful ministry. You will see God move like never before. Three trips are available in June, July and August.

Date: June 13-23, July 18-28, Aug 14-24
Cost: $3150
Team Leader: TBD

Eurotrek (Young Adults/Youth)

Travel across Europe by train, boat, bus and car. Raw, face to face evangelism, connect with partner churches for ministry. Pass out tracts and information for the Answers broadcast. Graduating Seniors accepted.
Date: July 20-30
Cost: $2950
Team Leader: TBD

France (Open to all)

Encourage and assist Gypsy believers in practical ways; education, business, relationships. Travel, help set up and conduct evangelistic crusades. Be a Gypsy for 10 days.
Date: Aug 1- Aug 10
Cost: $2450
Team Leader: TBD

India (Business/Men)

Teach business skills and principles to young leaders within the India and Nepal region. Make connections and see how God is working to shift the mindset of a new generation of Kingdom builders through business. Also be a part of the annual Mens Conference speaking into the lives of men.

Date: September
Cost: $2450
Team Leader: TBD

India/Nepal (Women)

Annual Womens Conference in northern India/Nepal.

Teaching at a Womens Conference encouraging and empowering women across the Himalayan region to rise up and be who Christ created them to be.

Date: May 4- May 14
Cost: $2600
Team Leader: TBD

Chiapas, Mexico (Youth/Young adults)

Orphanage project – Work with a local church and orphanage to build, serve and evangelize. Youth Unleashed Camp included.

Date: July 23- July 30
Cost: $1350
Team Leader: TBD

Tecate, Mexico (Open to all)

Work with local churches during services and outreach.

Date: December 15-17th
Cost: $200

Egypt (Open to all)

Children’s and various ministries.

Work with local leaders through workshops and training seminars.

Date: June 20- June 30
Cost: $2650
Team Leaders: TBD

Israel (Open to all)

Practical service project. Renovate bomb shelters as a unique form of outreach and aid to a country and people that have a special place in God’s heart and get to see many important places in the Holy Land as a bonus.

Date: Mar 25- Apr 5, Aug 5- Aug 16, Oct 21- Nov 1
Cost: $3450
Team Leader: Joey Beason

Lebanon (Open to all)

Children’s and various ministries.

Work with a local church in Beirut doing various outreaches which include kids ministry, medical clinics, leadership training, evangelism, refugee and compassion ministry.

Date: Mar 13- Mar 22
Cost: $2750
Team Leaders: TBD

If this will be your first missions trip, or you’d simply like to find out more information, we encourage you to contact our mission team at or call us at (714) 947-5377.