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    OCTOBER 18 - 19

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I will make Your faithfulness known through all generations. Psalm 89:1




Pastor Bayless & Janet Conley ______

Pastors Bayless and Janet Conley

Dear Cottonwood Family,

Janet and I write this letter to you with hearts full of gratitude. We are thankful that, after my serious accident, I’m alive and well and back to a normal schedule, including preaching! Thank you for all of your prayers that have covered me and our entire family during a very difficult time. We are especially grateful for God’s amazing grace that has worked so beautifully not only on my behalf, but also in and through the entire church during this challenging season.

Even while I was out of the pulpit during the many months of recovery, Cottonwood has grown! We have increased numerically as well as in unity and influence. God has truly been doing an astonishing work in our midst!

As we look back in wonder at all that God has done and continues to do, we have a strong sense that it is an important time to purposely cooperate with the momentum that He has given us. We want to see that our church family is further strengthened and that we are actively connecting and blessing the generations. This brings us to our H4 focus this year. Cottonwood’s Katella Campus opened in 2008; however, important portions of the campus have remained unfinished.

We now have an opportunity to bring our church family and ministries together in strength. We are in the process of selling the Sausalito Campus, with the intention of moving all of the ministries taking place there to the Katella Campus. The cost to build out the space is $2.5 million. As a church, our goal is to raise $1.5 million to complete this project (the remainder being covered by proceeds from the Sausalito sale).

By finishing the large multi-purpose rooms, the commercial kitchen, and additional meeting areas and offices, we will have space to expand Cottonwood Leadership College, strengthen our bilingual service and enhance our ministry to the generations—children, youth, young adults, and so many more. We will also have space for outreach events to be held on-site to serve and bless our community. Psalm 89:1 says,“I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” Let’s keep the momentum going and all be involved in this year’s H4, giving as One Family, Building Generations.

In His grip,

Bayless & Janet









See below how working together can make a difference:
Givers 12 Month
Monthly Cumulative
Need 1000 to commit to $150 $13 $150,000
Need 500 to commit to $500 $42 $250,000
Need 100 to commit to $1,000 $83 $100,000
Need 50 to commit to $2,000 $167 $100,000
Need 40 to commit to $5,000 $417 $200,000
Need 20 to commit to $10,000 $833 $200,000
Need 10 to commit to $20,000 $1,667 $200,000
Need 5 to commit to $40,000 $3,333 $200,000
Need 1 to commit to $100,000 $8,333 $100,000

Total Givers 1,726

Total $1.5 Million





This chart is a guide to demonstrate

how your giving, when combined with
others, can help us reach our goal.


I will make Your faithfulness known through all generations. Psalm 89:1







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